Friday, February 10, 2012

Independence Days 2-10-12

We had a lot of rain, a little snow, some cold weather (for this winter) and not much sun this past week. Tomorrow is likely to be the coldest day yet this winter. Unlike last week, I didn't do any yard work. But I got a lot of other needed work done.

Plant something: I planted seeds of cabbage, bok choy, kale, collards, broccoli, mustard greens, calendula, dill, parsley, cutting celery, thyme, and sweet marjoram in a flat and put the flat on the enclosed front porch. Enclosing that porch was an excellent idea. Granted, it hasn't been that cold this winter, but it's been like April (mid-spring here) all winter long on the porch. The rosemary plants and a calendula, grown from a seedling I potted up last fall, are in bloom! See them below.

Harvest something: well, no. Maybe next week I'll harvest the lone kumquat from the plant on the front porch.

Preserve something: I brought the last four winter squashes into the kitchen so we remember to cook and eat them.

Waste not: the usual composting and saving eggshells separately (I may grind them to sprinkle on the garden in place of some of the limestone we'd otherwise purchase). A friend gave us some of the foam wrappers that surround commercial packages of ice cream cones. We're thinking of ways to use them - maybe to stuff into our old, flat pillows to improve them.

Want not: nothing particular this week.

Eat the food: cooked and ate some of the homegrown sugar beets. Included stored winter radishes and sunchokes in the stir-fry. My DH is making black bean soup from our homegrown beans to take to a potluck tomorrow.

Build community food systems: answered a friend's question about when to direct-seed onions into the garden (answer: second half of March, as soon as the soil thaws. That is, if it freezes again. Which it will probably do this weekend. But how long it stays frozen, I don't know.)

Skill up: learned how to make caramel fudge this week due to a friend's request, and it actually turned out well! It's the first time I've made a candylike material from scratch.

I'm planning a post or so on seed-starting next.

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